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  • Soldiers of the Western World.
  • See them blond with curls unfurled.
  • Talking among themselves.
  • Wearing armour of their wealth.
  • Chinese garb with which to fight.
  • Keep them able to endure the night.
  • The Heart Thread, a mystery to unfold.
  • About the missing cards untold.
  • Larger sections than we discovered.
  • Words were changed, meanings uncovered.
  • To the battlefront the sages did go.
  • Writing words for them to hold.
  • Sections gone but not forgot
  • Quickly saw then it’s lost.

I saw this early morning dream.  A group of European soldiers dressed in Chinese armor from the Tang dynasty.  Four were dark haired and one was blond. Their captain enlisted them in the Chinese army, so they could survive.  They were healthy and strong and in good spriits.

I saw a man holding a sanskrit pinyin version of the Heart Sutra (Thread=sutra) with English underneath it.  It was the rest of the missing section of the Heart Sutra.  It can change the meaning for you.

"Vows are promises that are kept to the best of ones’ ability."

Soldiers wore Chinese uniforms, German, Roman (Italian) and one blond man, heavy brows, siimilar to a stocky version of Robert Redford.  He took the Heart Sutra and shortened it.  He wore military style Chinese armor which was metal and heavy leather rectangles.

Earlier this week I had several times envisioned during my day that I wore the same armor, the Idea of Avalokitesvara as warrior was in my mind as well.  I remember my favorite piece with him resting on a rock and wearing the foot soldier’s armor while smiling in relaxation.  Also the one’s with the children around him were also inspiring. 

Soldier what kind of gongde do you gain?

gong de is merit and virtue

Soldier’s reply:  I gain gong de by protecting my emperor and joining forces with you has been my salvation.  For evil spirits of this land I carry the Heart Sutra for protection for its protection is universal.

Fighting and killing are not good karma but serving the country is good karma.  Needless attachment to the deaths of those you killed is harmful to your spirit.  Shocking you as it did will not help you gain peace if you cannot let it go.  Regret is causing the delusions and memories to appear.  Guilt is a part of regret, go beyond it.  Then you gain peace.  Doing drugs, drinking to excess (to forget), hurting others are not acceptable.  Bad Karma builds in this lifetime and can cause you pain in the next.



I am a Bhikshuni ordained in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist tradition. I'm currently translating Vinaya sutras from the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka.