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Slaves or Nuns

What is it for
I’m telling you
The vows I made were for me, not you
Money rules not you and me
Well that’s wrong and you will see
Buddha heart keeps telling me
Keep the faith not rules you see
Clothes, chants, and rules
Do not make a bhikkuni rule
Rules of order are meant to guide
Common rules we need or we collide
Fairness rules are really clear
Those who don’t, have more to fear
When all you do is money acrue
Shows more than evening news
To disciples of any age
Choking them when agression
Of money made
Will not keep your foundation firm
Or keep your doors open until the morn
Slaves they’ll be if they don’t see
What they want is always for free
Buddha died long ago
Today we weep, for who are we to go?
Ourselves we know are Buddhas too
So Buddha realized we are are human too
Pray to him, if you wil
Submit to him for it will kill
Fear from death
You’ll soul will dwell
Far from the living hells
Buddha Land upon hearing the bells
Living Buddha for here she be
A  Female for for others see
Not Male as predicted be
Buddha wept upon the stone
For his death was often well untold
Crying he did but did not tell
Ananda was chose for the stories he did tell
were from the Buddha’s heart and see
For accuracy was upon his knee
We are not of demons no
we are of your dreams and
have no more hold
All of us are simply you
not of one but many you
One of many few to some
a riddle found in Lotus song
For one of many, few to some
we are nuns in future come
power we must take for ourselves
weak can be conquered and nothing else
slaves you see are compliant see
more you write the more you see
Conquered are not friends but enemies
Slaves are not friends but enemies
So when they asked us were we one?
They wanted to know of which we come
Slaves not easy to have as nuns
So the answer is your no slave
Your a nun in a new tradtion
An american one
that’s the conflict
an american nun is not know to them
But it will be.


I am a Bhikshuni ordained in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist tradition. I'm currently translating Vinaya sutras from the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka.