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Humble Life

Just sitting down to write again, I made purple cabbage soup forgetting the purple color washes onto everything while it cooks, so now i have blue noodles that should be yellow, purple barley and oatmeal bits floating around and light purple turnip chunks, with bright orange carrot chunks; so apparently carrots are not affected by the purple color of the purple cabbage.
Oh, well, it’s tastey anyway.. but farely fart producing and it’s good that I am alone… so it doesn’t offend.
Well, I am thinking during my dishwashing that I often put up with too much effect from other people’s lives.  I have the lifelong tendency to stand up and stay the course to see other people through their problems.  Such a bad habit has led to much frustration and tears on my part as I used to pay their price rather than they pay the price for their own conditions and unhappiness.
Good thing I am ordained fully as a bhikshuni, for it’s the one thing I did totally for myself. It’s given me time to consider where I am in error from life habits.  And a really good chance at ending some or hopefully all of them…. nearly did alot of it this year..  Freedom giving and humble certainty that by growing stronger this way I can help more people learn to recognize their habits and humbly correct them with a permanent effect supporting their efforts. For this is what is really the effect for myself. 
When I first gazed upon the smiling face captured in a college survey class in world religion, it was that of a nun from the Buddhist tradition either from Vietnam, China or Japan, it didn’t say and it only showed her closeup face with a flat cap covering her head… It sparked something in myself. For I’m a smilely person, very optimistic and future oriented. Happy person naturally.
Humble, be humble it helps and even better walk away from trouble faster, your gut tells ya good things! And it’s not always a disaster if you ignore that gut, just humble inside is enough; don’t care about too much what people think or say to you about yourself.. You know you better than anyone.
Keep a moral path, don’t abandaon it. Be Happy for it, it makes people happier too around you.


I am a Bhikshuni ordained in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist tradition. I'm currently translating Vinaya sutras from the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka.