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Conair new shaver reduces carbon imprint

Conair came up with a nifty new head shaver; its portable and rechargeable. It cost about the same as the Wahl peanut I’ve had for 9 years. I am ok with it, tonight I used it and it took about an hour or so.  A bit slow for my taste but you are supposed to shave with it daily.  Will see how it goes. It delivers a good smooth surface after a lot of effort! I mean alot of effort…so be patient about it if you get one on the first try.

I rarely reccomend things, but this one keeps the charge for 3 MONTHS and that helps reduce our carbon footprint! Also it feels like soft massage after you get used to using it without pressure on your head. Anything as safe as this to use with no cuts is good, I heard from my friend in Cali that there is another Wahl trimmer that works well for close razor like head shaving.  I don’t know model, or cost.



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