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sakyamuni classic indian artistic icon


Originally uploaded by Shi Hong Yang

this is in all the temples on little take away cards with blessings on the back

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Ven. Tian Pei on Facebook

Tian Pei
生死海中 ,念佛第一,
一部大經 , 一句洪名 ,一向專念 ,一生成就!
The sea of life and death, recite the first,
After a big, a Hong names, has been designed study, a lifetime achievement!
Shi Hong Yang sea of life and death, chant the names of the Buddhas first, one section of a great sutra, one verse of great names, always concesntrated on study, all one’s life success
Ven. De Hong’s translation:
In the ocean of life and death, Buddha recitation is first (priority),
A Buddha’s name from the great scripture, in focused recitation is one’s lifetime  achievement!
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Cough, cough, CAUF, CAUF, cough, cough, cough when will it stop!

Don’t think i am sick, just cough, cough, CAUF, CAUF, cough, cough , cough! I have taken clairtin for a month now! I am done with allergies! Whats, the deal! Dayquil not kicken in today! Even used a nasal spray! Thinking it is needing more decongestant! Well how much longer! Annoying and energy draining, blowing nose reallllly too much!  Aaagh, spring pollen and stuff! I’m outta ideas!