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Open letter to Stingy Pastors in Central Iowa

Dear Pastor PJ of UCC in Des Moines sent by email in response to the spreading of news about a young man who is suspected of scamming churches in central iowa.

I am appalled at this story but not for the same reasons as the pastor. How
shameful for a clergyman to regret giving to someone in need.  It is not clear
if the young man was lying or not. His home is probably in MT for work is plenty
out there, I know many young people work over that way for buidling crews are
very busy in these past 6 months.  So it’s plausible, so what he lives in a
homeless shelter and so what if he called somebody in Des Moines. That’s no
proof he is lying.

And whats worse he probably came back knowing that he could trust that church
and pastor to help when they are asked to and better he brought his granpa.
What horrible things they must think of that paster and that church! How

Churches used to be refuge places, often they gave small money helps like for
gas for a car, or rental assistence but sadly that’s long gone with their
budgets mainly salaries, benefits, and for fancy buildings, expanding spaces
buying up and tearing down, remodling for vanity and prestige, shameful!

You lost two good souls at once by taking revenge on and banning that boy and
his grandfather who no longer have trust in Christians, you, nor do they think
Church or pasters are good people and you disturbed the minds of your peers, I
am so sorry for you Pastor Johnson you lack empathy and compassion for the
poorest people we have in this state, such bad karma. So shameful!

Unfortunely I’ve seen a lot of this same type of tightwads among you
ministers who are salaried but never have I heard of one regretting his charity
and then taking revenge on the needy like that!  Absolutely

Palms Together

Ven. Hong Yang Bhikshuni



I am a Bhikshuni ordained in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist tradition. I'm currently translating Vinaya sutras from the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka.

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