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Shameless Clergy Regrets, Revenges after giving money away a true story

“Back on April 11, I sent an email regarding a young man who came to church and
asked for money for a bus ticket to get home to Montana. He came looking for
help here again last Friday which is my day off. My secretary gave him some food
not knowing he was the same guy who lied to me before. He came back this
afternoon and I was here. An older man whom he identified as his grandfather was
with him. I confronted him and told him I wanted the $50 back that he scammed
from me a month ago. He denied even being in church here on April 10 and
insisted I had never given him any money. He stood up and raised his voice. At
that point I told him he needed to leave and never return to this church. He
went out the door swearing at me.

If you see him he will begin the conversation by  telling your about what a good Christian he is. He said he is living at the  Emergency Residence. I checked with the DIRECTOR and indeed he has been staying there.This is the information I gave you about him in my email of April  11.ATTENTION MINISTERS AND THE secretary,I am quite sure I was scammed by  a young man yesterday at church and I am requesting that you forward this  information to the MINSTERS list so that hopefully others will not be.Yesterday a young man attended our church. He was wearing a well worn  white t-shirt. I would guess he is about 25 and about 6 ft. tall, brown hair. He claimed he had gotten stranded in Ames and was looking for money for a bus ticket back to his home in Billings, MT. He said he had been collecting cans and had gotten $14 from that. He also said he wanted to call his mother to let her know he was safe. It sounded credible. I gave him $50 out of my pocket. (we
don’t have funds at church for something like that). He then proceeded to call and talk to his father and then his mother on my cell phone. (at least that is who he claimed to be talking to). I noticed he had dialed a CENTRAL IOWA number and asked about that. He said that was just his parents cell number. I have discovered it is a land line listed to A LADY AND HER HOME ADDRESS, Des Moines, IA.  If he comes looking for money, ask him if he has gotten any money
from any other church. If you feel bold enough tell him that Rev. REGRETS IT from the UCC church would like his $50 back. What really bothers me about this sort of thing is that I will be less likely to trust another
person who may have a genuine need.Pastor REGRETS IT”
As a Religious person and Buddhist monastic with no salary like this full time minister has I pity and I am disgusted by the minister. I’m sorry the young man needed his help; the minister felt wronged right away after he gave his own $50 away to someone who needed it, expecting charity without attachments in a Church no less.
Then the pastor traces the phone call to some lady, who knows if he checked her out? He doesn’t say, if the lady knew the young man or not. Why didn’t he, he traced the number out of suspicion over the homeless young man why no follow up?
Shameful he should feel regret and immediate suspiscion on a man in need! Shame! It shames me being that he is Iowan and and  religious person who should be caring and not suspect people who he has given help to.
Then he has the nerve to hassle the young man when he comes a month later for help or probably to thank him for his charity when he was in need; the paster was immediately demanding his money back, suspecting they were up to imaginary shenanigans! And the old man with him identified as his Grandpa. How shameful to demand the money back! What must that young man think! Even more he must think all Christians are the same! And even worse may vow to never trust a clergyman or a church ever. It’s like the pastor is punishing somebody for receiving charity from him; that’s just plain wrong! Odd thinking from a pastor!
Church leaders are tightwads around and lack charitable hearts.  I’ve seen this over and again by our group meetings they get angry looking and freeze-up when asked to give money to somebody in need! AND THEY DON’T GIVE A PENNY! They all earn a pretty penny being well paid by their Church board and you bet they solicit money for their churches! Shameless man, due to his greedy heart has shown unkindness to the elderly man and harmed that boy!
This is not how church leaders should act toward  people in dire need, don’t you think homeless people are needy? At least respect them enough to not regret giving money to them! You know they have it very hard now! I would have thought it would be like the best places for safely asking for help…churches used to be kind places, now they are just business places filled with householders who know no charity in their minds!


I am a Bhikshuni ordained in Mahayana Chinese Buddhist tradition. I'm currently translating Vinaya sutras from the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka.