2017 Schedule

2017 is a continuation of my translation efforts

This year I am taking care of my medical needs.  I will not be setting a schedule until I have completed my planned physical therapy, attending a gym regularly, and seeking consult for my weakened back and legs.

I am also planning to go back to school, for a PhD. It’s something I’ve always wanted to finish.  It won’t be easy, I do look forward to it.

The services to the Buddhists in the area will continue on a case by case basis.  I have regular meetings but not on a set schedule until the medical needs are completed.

I am conducting daily services in the temple, just not open to the public, it’s only by appointment at this time.

New services will be offered shortly.

  1. CEU course on Spiritual Care from Buddhist Perspective
  2. Buddhist Counseling introduction course 100
  3. Buddhist Counseling Sutra Basics course 101
  4. Buddhist Counseling History course 102
  5. Buddhist Counseling Methods course 103
  6. Buddhist Counseling basic communications course 104
  7. Reducing Fear
  8. Reducing Anxiety
  9. Reducing Anger
  10. Reducing Grief
  11. Mental Health and Buddhist Methods
  12. Reducing Attachment
  13. Reducing Guilt
  14. Reducing Lovelorn or Rejection
  15. Reducing Regret
  16. Aging
  17. Illness
  18. Mental Illness
  19. Sexuality and Celibacy
  20. and more ….

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