BEST Sutra Resources GREAT practice places

These are just some of the place I know and except for the Buddha Educational Foundation actually have travelled to.  They are independent of myself and each other. Buddhist temples and monasteries are not all a part of one group or necessarily affliated with others or overseas founding monasteries.

Buddha Educational Foundatio  Dharma materials in English from Taiwan Buddha Education Foundation, you may offer dana and you need to pay postage per item; temples may receive larger quantities from them by mail as well.

Mahayana sutras in English  an excellent resource with original Chinese in button links.  Multiple translations here and good idea to read them through to compare and study.

Buddha Sutra a compilation of collected sutras.  English content.

Mid America Buddhist Association in the Missouri mountains, an easy drive, with an exquisite setting with many stunning architectural modernized halls to visit, a lovely day trip from Iowa, plan for a hotel stay to return for services or volunteer, there is a male residence and soon to be female residence.  All Sangha there speak English and they offer English services and dharma talks along with Chinese language services and dharma talks.  Sangha are deeply involved in the construction of their buildings with the abbot Ven. Jiru right up there with the volunteer construction workers!  Volunteer there!!!! The Food is yummy!  Sangha there are friendly and so are the volunteers, this place is well known among us as a good training place for laity as well.  DONATE do!  They also have implemented gray water recycling, energy efficiency and many other environmentally friendly methods :  Mid America Buddhist Association

City of 10,000 Buddhas website has links to online store and the translation center which has produced many sutras already.  Multiple languages available. Lovely place with large spaces and everyone speaks English, multiple traditions are represented in the monastic Sangha, a rare place to encounter them all! People who have no experience with Buddhism are quite comfortable there.





Shasta Abbey website has links to their dharma materials in english. totally excellent translations.  Japanese Soto Zen. great place for practice and instruction, everyone is native-english speakers.  lovely place.

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